not to be confused with bob saggot (urgent_stare) wrote,
not to be confused with bob saggot


Okay, so here is your tentative list for a mixtape from yours truly. NOW YOU GIVE ME ONE. if you want to.


ps - some titles may be off, as i am unreliable.

jefferson starship - we built this city
freur - doot doot
the cure - six different ways
rolling stones - she smiles sweetly
chris isaak - baby did a bad thing
belle and sebastian - if youre feeling sinister
coco rosie - by your side
butterfly boucher - another white dash
mirah - dancing in the dark (cover)
kinnie starr - alright
bright eyes - bowl of oranges
talking heads - water flowing under (?)
matt pond pa - measure 3
mirah - cold cold water
mineral - unfinished
damien rice - cannonball
spirituality - ladies and gentleman, we are floating in space
joseph arthur - in the sun
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