not to be confused with bob saggot (urgent_stare) wrote,
not to be confused with bob saggot


My friend's away message, I really dont understand it much, but god did it ever make me choke on my low cal beer:

"IM SCARED OF PIG/RABBIT!!! my sister got it, i dunno what it called so mom put it on my boob and i was SCREAMMMMM cuz i scared of that animal. then that animal was crawl under my hair and i keep screammm then mom said shhh!!! that baby so i said so!?! GET IT OUT OF MY ROOM!!! then mom said "calm down" and she keep watching me hold that one and i keep scared and screammmmmmmm then mom took it and said that animals wont bite me but i said yes would! mom rolling eyes and laughing then leave. ahhh "

(he is a gay, gay man)
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