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The usual player hating.

Allow me to be immature for a moment and give a much delayed assessment of the Reagan hoopla:

Ronald Reagan is dead, I know dis. However, just because someone dies does not mean you make them out to be something they never were. All I saw for a week were television shows praising his presidency and all of the wonderful things he did for this country.

Ten unbiased reasons why I cannot praise Reagan simply because he died:

1. He lived a long full live that some of the victims of his homophobia and bigotry never got the benefits of doing. You know the whole ignore AIDS thing that happened back in 80's, because it's just a "gay disease." Yep, never affects straight people at all. Nope. Nothing to see here, move along.

2. Ketchup as a vegetable. Do I even have to go into this people? The man was senile in office.

3. The image of the "Welfare Queen." You know those chicks who live in the ghetto who just happen to be black who have tons of children for bigger checks and drive cadillacs. Nevermind that during this time and Reagan's time the majority of women on welfare are white. The white southern woman in fact. Think about it! And, I'm not going to demonize people on welfare because I believe that there are people who need welfare. I hate him just as much as I hate Bush who is going to cut funding for section 8 housing. Which means where do poor people go? Where do they turn the mentally ill? To the fucking streets. Food stamp reductions and all this shit. Well people who whine about your taxes being taken to take care of poor people. Here's a little information for you, the percentage of your check that goes to help "people sucking up you taxes" is likely to be no more than 3 dollars. In fact you're looking at a range of about 10 cents to 3 dollars. Woohoo, what were you going to do with that? By yourself a shiny new pack of baseball cards to put in the spokes of your SUV? If you think welfare is so awesome, you try living on 140 bucks per month with a kid.

4. Tax credits for segregated schools. I understand Reagan it's hard to believe that people should want to be together and "kick it" as the kids are saying or that they would want to "cold chill like a villain" with each other. Plus who needs to get rid of racism when we can just feed into it until there's an all out race-war and machetes are handed out like vaccinations. I mean why would people want to learn at the same rate as everyone else? Or even be treated equally? I think it's pretty obvious that the civil rights movement was just about people pretending to want to be equal. Yeah, now that's the ticket.

5. All those tax cuts for the rich in an attempt to make a "Trickle Down" economy. You know what I think really trickled down? The working class hating Reagan. Yeah cause see first you start at the top and then you give all the rich people tax cuts which will stimulate the economy. Sound familiar? Right we're going through that right now. The only problem with that is that at some point there is no trickle down. It never gets to 1) The working class and 2) the poor. They get to work harder without reaping the benefits of a "good economy."

6. $640 Pentagon toilet seats Because those trifling S.O.B's just couldn't sit their flabby asses on regular toilet seats. I'm pretty sure there was a home depot in the area that could have saved them oh, I don't know 600 dollars. In fact how many toilet seats are there in the pentagon? During the 80s $640 was hard to come by even as a wage, you know with minimum wage still being somewhere like 3 to 4 dollars. But then again it was the welfare queens that were milking the system.

7. Massacres in El Salvador.

8. Killing in Lebanon which left over 80 civilians dead. CIA sponsored car-bombing in Lebanon. Because? Why?

9. Education cuts. But what do we need to know book learnin' fer?

10. Telling people that the Russians were going to get us if we didn't act first and we needed nuclear production or else. It sounds sort of similar to another "Saddam is getting ready and could be ready within a few years to launch another terrorist attack against Americans" eh? I guess history does repeat itself.

I'll throw in a bonus people...

11. Remember, it's the trees that cause pollution.

So to all of those people out there saying, "But this is someone's father and grandfather." If he was my grandfather I'd probably be the last to find out about him because, you know, I generally don't hang around people that decide to have millions of "brown skinned" people massacred and let "queer" people die. I cut them out. I'd have been the "estranged" granddaughter. And my grandfather would have never been so cruel because he was not a bitter old man, who sought to impose his Christianity and self righteousness on the world. And neither was he a spendthrift. (and, yes I'm aware that sentences aren't supposed to start with and, but I can do that because I'm the colonel).

P fucking S. I know this rant is late, but I am a busy girl. And, its better late than never.

PPS. I am not heartless. I hate him just as much dead as I hated him alive. Its like praising mother fucking Trent McRacist when he died.

PPPS. Do you guys like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?

PPPPS. Generally you're only supposed to have one ps and a pps is acceptable but these other ps's are just rubbish. I should be flogged.
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today you are my hero. i sort of wanted to go visit his casket so i could give it a golden shower JUST LIKE THE SICK QUEERS DO TO EACH OTHER.