not to be confused with bob saggot (urgent_stare) wrote,
not to be confused with bob saggot


serial killer quotes
in the mouths of
roller skate girls

a child
in portland

his first orgasm
dictates the heart attack
of a mother
breast feeding her child
in kenya

in purgatory

and they both
let out a wet laugh
and spill their tea

burning the faces
of ann sexton
and sylvia plath
a level below


says burroughs

"that was awfully good tea"
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you're excellent. let us show each other our words. let us sit and write with each other.
yes, lets go to the harbor!
Sometimes I think I might love you.
aw, gosh.
I want to play drunken Scrabble with you.
i just played drunken scrabble the other night!

except it was with people who thought "bane" was the word of the night, id rather have played it witchu.
Amazing AND beautiful...who could ask for more?
ya flatter me, kid. not at all.
what a shame. sylvia and anne were beautiful.
i didnt say otherwise.
damnit.. i just posted a comment and it didn't work.. my computer is turnin into a piece of cow dung.

okay..sorry.. intro- i'm michelle.. saw you through prison_prism and fasterthan's ljs. interesting you are... just wanted to say hi and all that lovely fraggle rock-ish type of stuff...

good day mate
well thank you, ive added you because you're not so bad yourself, i must say.


good day, comrade!