not to be confused with bob saggot (urgent_stare) wrote,
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dear dear dear dear

dear _______,

i am in your room while you work, not tempted to go through your things, though i wonder if you are worrying about that.  i am in your room alone for hours eating your captain crunch "all berries" and i dont really mind the awkwardness, at the end of the day, you are here and so am i.  how could you ever doubt that i love you?  i am eating the captain crunch you had bought one day after hearing it was my favorite.  how could i ever doubt that you love me?  

so, folks dont think much of me. BUT do they know i can sing the canadian national anthem? do they know i can make 10 minute rice in 7 minutes? do they know i can name all 22 administrative division regions of france? do they know i know the answer to why a raven is like a writing desk? do they know a fish hook went through my ear at age 7 as it was hanging from a tree and i lived to tell about it? and, do they know i love the goddamn hell out of you?

love -
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