not to be confused with bob saggot (urgent_stare) wrote,
not to be confused with bob saggot


late afternoon breeds paper napkin ideologies penciled out in cafe's. not the fashionable cafe's, soggy french toast cafes, where the edges of your plate smell like the waitress's last cigarette break. my order is less complicated than usual because ive been reduced by the setting, i want to call myself patty. patty blue elastic sweatpants. patty mcdonalds happy meal watches. patty back window stuffed animal decorations. patty beige bathtub. patty would know odd facts about an nfl sports team and she would sink her sundays deep beneath the patched couch cushions of the lazy boy. her furniture obviously would not match and she would never feel uneasy about that. i wrote a letter to the CIA, it took me 5 napkins, but i figured it would save them time if they ever were to start a file on me. i hear the CIA is very busy.

Dear CIA,

My plans are to move to Greece and rally attentions to the ideas of self management of Andre Gorz and the progressive left ideology of Nicos Poulantzas along with implementing a base to call for farmers reforms as Boze did in France.

I don't care to spend any energy or time to rally for change within the US. Anyone can see that the structure of the working class has been so fragmented that the striking or stoppage of work in one plant can simply be rerouted to another. It's also very clear that invention of micro management over the last 10 years has given the false impression to white collar class of this country that they are in fact in charge of their work environment. The actuality of the situation is that U.S. capitalism has created with intent, a working class -- both blue collar and white collar, which cannot control the means of production. Now these observations aren't to hint at any pessimism about not being able to re energize the conscience of the working class -- no it simply alludes to the best path needed to accomplish the overthrowing of the American Bourgeois and it's symbiotic Government. A route which the US Government knows all too well exists as we have seen in the actions of the CIA involvement in Guatemala during Allen Dulles years of the
CIA director -- or in the United States and Britain's involvement in the Greek Military Junta.

I hope this has been of some service to you.


i laughed so hard at my napkins when i was finished that i started to choke. there i was, a laughing choking spectacle in the middle of thee diner, a fish flapping around on an old boat, as if my life had turned into some sort of involuntary refuge. like a wounded stinking fish oozing against your children's tiny bare feet, i realized the setting hadnt reduced me, i had reduced the setting.
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