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ignore the story itself..

HIV Scare Shuts Down California Porn Productions
Industry Puts Itself Under Two-Month Moratorium After Two Actors Test Positive

An adult film actress is screened for HIV Thursday in California.

LOS ANGELES (April 16) - An AIDS scare prompted adult movie companies to halt production and bar dozens of performers from the set after two actors tested HIV-positive.

At least 45 actors and actresses were under a voluntary work quarantine and about a dozen companies were adhering to a voluntary two-month moratorium until new HIV tests are completed, industry experts said.

''It's very scary,'' said Mary Carey, a porn star who ran for governor of California last fall. ''This is kind of a wake-up call for everybody.''

Carey said she had not worked with the infected actor but as a precaution, she was canceling a lesbian porn shoot.

hi, yeah, could you back up to the porn star governer for a second? is running for governer of california just a fashionable thing to do now?
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